Elementor Pro 2.0.3 – 2018-04-24

Elementor is the most used page builder plugin today. Its complete features make this wordpress plugin in great demand by website makers around the world. Here is a list of the release of this plugin from start to newest. Complete with version code and update date.

3.0.0 – 2020-08-23

New: Introducing the new and improved Theme Builder
Tweak: Removed .elementor-inner and .elementor-column-wrap from DOM output to improve performance (#7351, #7817, Developers Blog Post)
Tweak: Added contextual anchors ID support to Table of Contents widgets (#10052)
Tweak: Added WeChat and Weibo social networks to Share Buttons widget (#11554)
Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities for Redirect after Login/Logout in Login widget (#11343)
Tweak: Added Blend Mode and CSS Filters controls to adjust the Background Overlay in Flipbox widget (#11653)
Tweak: Added responsive capabilities to Toggle Button styling in Nav Menu widget (#8269)
Tweak: Added responsive Text Alignment control in Call to Action widget (#11968)
Tweak: Added dynamic content to Ribbon element in Call to Action widget (#10364)
Tweak: Converted uses of Color and Typography Schemes to Global Colors and Fonts
Tweak: Separated Title and Description control fields labels in Call to Action widget
Tweak: Removed unnecessary style in WC Product with variations
Tweak: Converted Portfolio, Posts and Share Buttons widgets to use CSS Variable-based Elementor Grid (Developers Blog Post)
Tweak: Added Date Modified option to Posts widget metadata
Fix: PHP 7.4 compatibility to Media Carousel widget (#11355)
Fix: Divider alignment issue in Post Info widget (#11628)
Fix: Color doesn’t change in Products Archive Description widget
Fix: WC Product variations layout breaks when using Variation Swatches plugin
Fix: WC Product variations layout issue
Fix: WC Product variations mobile zoom-in glitch
Fix: Can’t edit a Popup after accessing Theme Style
Fix: Twitter icon missing in Blockquote widget
Fix: Removed redundant default text color from Share Buttons minimal skin
Fix: UI glitch in Display Conditions modal
Fix: Insert template button UI glitch in Templates Library
Fix: Added sanitization to post titles in WordPress dashboard for better security
Fix: Show when arriving from search engines rule doesn’t work in Popup
Fix: Child categories are shown with a different parent category in Query control
Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our Developers Deprecations Post

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